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Rent/Lease in Almaty:

Currently following prices are mostly used for renting of real estate and premises.

Apartments in the center of the city (USD per month)

  Standard building Secured new
2 room 1500-2000 2000-3500
3 room 2000-2800 3000-4500
4 room 2500-3500 4000-5500
5 room 3000-4500 6000-7000

Listed prices includes apartment with full repairs and furniture, but does not include services (electricity, gas, hot and cold water, heating) and also parking, garage and security services

Cottages (USD per month)

  Private residences Townhouses
up to 250 sq.m 4500-6000 5000-7000
250 - 500 sq.m 6000-8000 8000-10000
above 500 sq.m 8000-15000 9000-15000

Offices (USD per square meter)

  Per square meter
Business center class 'A' 55-70
Business center class 'B' 45-50
Administrative building 35-40
Residential zones 30-35

Short information about regions of the city:

Center of Almaty - outlined by Kaldayakova - Seifullina - Satpaeva - Zhibek Zholy :

Standard buildings:
The most prestigious part of the city where most of big offices of different companies are situated.
Buildings located in this region are mostly 3-5 storey brick and 5 storey panel, build in Soviet era, but usually recently renovated. Not all buildings though contain elevators and garages.

Secured new buildings:
Most popular modern choice. Different constructional companies have built dozens of new elite houses meeting European standard in everything - design, repairs, security, garages. Apartment spaces in these buildings were also increased and 3-4 room flat is usually 150-250 square meters big.

Office buildings:
There are a lot of administrative buildings in this region, most of them were previously used by ministries and governmental agencies. Some of them were recently renovated. There are some big business centers of European quality in this region. All big companies and some embassies have their premises in the center of the city.

Infrastructure of the region:
Region is the most developed in the city, there are a lot of parks, public gardens, good parking, gas filling stations. Condition of the roads is very good. There are a lot of stores, shops, supermarkets, cafes, pubs and number of theaters and cinemas. This region has low criminal situation.

Samal region (Samal 1, Samal 2, Samal 3 - upper part of the city outlined by Satpaeva - Khadzhymukana - Dostyk (Lenin) - Furmanov streets:

Standard buildings:
Mostly 5 storey brick and 9-12 storey monolith buildings. Quality of buildings can be judged as good. Excellent view to the mountains. 

Secured new buildings:
Are actively built now, contain infrastructure of European quality, security, garages. 

Office buildings:
Recently finished buildings of big business center, banks offices, 5 star hotel.  

Infrastructure of the region:
Is constantly developing. There are big supermarkets with restaurants, cinema in the region. Also there are situated President Palace, Central Museum. Parks are now planed, unfortunately there are no public gardens nowadays. 

Region of Atakent exhibition center, Koktem and regions near the Center of the city (outlined by Timiryazev - Rozybakiev - Makataev - Baitursynov (Kosmonavtov) streets:

Standard buildings:
Buildings in this region are less prestigious and less expensive than in Center and Samal. Here are situated mostly old brick and panel houses.

Secured new buildings:
Are actively built near Timiryazev streat in the upper part of the region.  

Infrastructure of the region:
Generally developed, number of supermarkets, big stores, exhibition center, stadium, circus. 

Micro regions and other regions of the city:

Standard buildings:
Micro regions are usually bedroom regions, infrastructure of them is not developed and they are not of big interest to the tenants.  

Cottage regions (Kok-Tube, Gorniy Gigant, Al-Farabi, Dostyk streets)

If you are interested in renting of the cottage then you will definitely enjoy this region situated near Samal region.
There are different cottages built on individual projects. Total area of the houses are varied from 150 to 1000 square meters, with territory of 600 up to 5000 square meters. So generally you can select any option suitable for you starting from small villa to the many storey cottage of representative class.
Buildings usually are very recently built and meet all standards of design, contain saunas, swimming pools and different other facilities. 

Infrastructure of the region:
Very beautiful views on mountains and nature, clear air, as region doesn't have heavy transport traffic. A lot of embassies residencies, villas of foreign companies are situated there. Big supermarkets, restaurants, sport centers are situated close to the region.